About Us

Inobeshon, derived from the Japanese word for innovation, is the value that is most important to us. We aim to innovate in all our solutions, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We are tech company that loves to innovate and deliver customized solutions to our customers using our building blocks. We love the Lego approach and have built all our modules in a block format enabling us to delivery a fully integrated solution that is fully customizable to suite the requirement.

The Ecosystem

The ecosystem consists of low power battery powered sensors, connectivity that supports the low power devices, a software platform that supports the visualization and analysis of data and a logic platform that allows for real time input back into the field environment. Inobeshon is agnostic to device manufacturers and utilizes devices that are fit for purpose, although we have relationships with certain manufacturers. Inobeshon has also designed and developed devices which do not exist to augment the device capabilities. Inobeshon has partnerships with the different connectivity providers and uses the Sigfox Network, the 3G networks in SA, Lora WAN networks and BLE networks to connect sensors to the platform. The Inobeshon platform couples management from the different device manufacturers platforms with the Inobeshon Front End and Logic Platform to deliver a seamless service.

Engagement Strategy

The Inobeshon ecosystem is designed using a modular strategy, allowing us to add building blocks to suite the requirement. We are able to build custom solutions using these building blocks. We follow a process where we workshop the requirement with the client, to understand how tangible results can be driven into the business. After the initial scoping session,we complete a Solution phase where we design and build a system to satisfy the requirement. A proof of concept is run and after final signoff, we move into a deployment phase where the system is rolled out to the planned environment.